Start-up Business of the Year


Cockadoodledoo is a PR Consultancy that works with sport, leisure, health and fitness companies to help them communicate in a truly effective way. Working across platforms on social media, marketing campaigns, media relations and more, Cockadoodledoo helps clients find creative and effective ways to get their message across. Established during the pandemic, Cockadoodledoo has already demonstrated impressive growth - increasing its turnover by 50% this year, and taking on clients like The Rio Ferdinand Foundation, The Royal Yachting association, and The British Horse Racing Authority.

The MINI Repair Shop

Based in Lincoln, The MINI Repair Shop is a business dedicated to providing great service, and repairing cars with passion and skill. With years of experience as MINI and BMW technicians, founders Steve Chambers and Kyle Berry set up The MINI Repair Shop during the pandemic - and have been steadily building the business since. Working on all makes and models of vehicle, Steve and Kyle have worked to provide a friendly and accessible service - prizing honesty and ease of communication, to ensure that customers can rest assured that their vehicle is in the hands of highly qualified professionals.

Top Barn Timber Frames Ltd

Founded in 2021, Top Barn Timber Frames Ltd is a traditional timber framing company - providing clients with bespoke, high quality frames to suit a range of needs. With a highly experienced team, TBTF handles a range of projects from frames for porches, to car ports to houses - ensuring impeccable craftsmanship in every job it completes. TBTF has driven growth through extensive investment in its team and infrastructure - constantly upskilling employees and investing in workshop equipment, to ensure they have the skills and tools they need to produce a high quality product.

Family Business of the Year

Grange Farm Park

Originally started as a B&B, over 40 years Grange Farm Park has expanded to include accommodation like luxury lodges, glamping pods and cottages - alongside leisure activities like pedal go-karting, play areas and a fishing lake, and facilities such as a laundrette. Several of these expansions have taken place over the last 18 months, with the business continuing to invest in growth and impeccable service even during a difficult time. Grange Farm Park also works to support the local economy where possible - sourcing food from local producers, and encouraging guests to see local attractions and events.

Running Imp Ltd

Founded in 1988, Running Imp Ltd is a business that provides supplies and equipment to running events - offering everything from medals to signs to branding and more. Over the years Running Imp has grown to work with a variety of clients across the UK and in Europe as well - including the Great North Run and the London Marathon. Running Imp strives to constantly improve its service - recently overhauling its ecommerce system and website to make payment quicker and easier for customers, and working with the team to ensure great service is maintained at every stage of a job.

Starglaze Windows and Conservatories

Starglaze Windows and Conservatories is a family-owned business that keeps its principles at the heart of everything it does. The company works to create a nurturing and supportive work environment - in which members of the team can support one another and grow together. This is achieved through initiatives such as wellbeing events, meetings to facilitate communication between management and employees, and awards that recognise team members who embody company principles. Starglaze also strives for impeccable customer service, innovation and excellence in manufacturing - pursuing these key principles to drive growth.

Environmental and Sustainability Award

BE Design

BE Design is an architecture, engineering and design company with a steadfast commitment to sustainable and responsible practice. BE Design works to improve sustainability in every area of the business - for example, working with clients to ensure that designs are as efficient as possible, and to make sure that designs are futureproofed for sustainability. BE Design also works with suppliers to keep them up to date on sustainability requirements - and works to educate other businesses on this front as well. These efforts have produced significant results - with BE Design seeing a reduction in carbon produced per employee of 31% in 2021.

CorrBoard UK

CorrBoard UK is a business that provides corrugated cardboard to the packaging industry - and which works to make this process as sustainable as possible. CorrBoard uses a corrugator that uses 40% less energy than average - as well as providing a clean and quiet working environment to employees. CorrBoard also utilises an anaerobic digester plant - which takes organic waste that would end up in landfill and burns it - providing energy to run Corrboard’s manufacturing processes. With these efforts and more, CorrBoard is close to making its manufacturing completely carbon neutral.

SuperFOIL Insulation

SuperFOIL Insulation is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of foil insulation - providing its products to a range of private and public organisations across the country. SuperFOIL is consistently working to reduce the carbon footprint of its operations - cutting waste by as much as 85%, and investing in UK production to increase its ability to manufacture locally. SuperFOIL’s products are also made with 45% recycled materials - proportion that rises to 75% in its wadding alone. SuperFOIL also engages in carbon offsetting initiatives such as tree planting, and supports other renewable energy projects.

Heart of the Community Award

Fir Tree Farm Timber

Based in North Scarle, Fir Tree Farm Timber is an independent timber yard set up during the pandemic, to meet the needs of the local community, and deliver timber to those who were isolating. Fir Tree Farm works hard to give back to its community in various ways. The business has sponsored several sporting and competitive events - such as show jumping shows and cross country runs - providing vital funding and advertising for these events. Fir Tree Farm also donates timber, holds giveaways and provides special offer sales, to ensure that people and organisations short on cash can still get the materials they need.

The Oaks

The Oaks is a cafe, bar and restaurant with a commitment to enriching its community. One of The Oaks’ core principles is the sourcing of as many supplies as possible from local businesses - as well as providing extra space in the cafe for these suppliers to sell their goods. The Oaks also engages in various forms of charity work - holding a farmer’s 5 times a year in support of different charities, lending its premises to the local football club for events, and providing 3 local charities with space to hold quiz nights, free of charge.

The Quayside Hotel

First opened in 1812, The Quayside Hotel has been a part of the community for years. The hotel works to live up to this significant history, and support the community where possible. In 2022, the business provided accommodation and facilities to 22 families displaced by a devastating fire in a block of flats - as well as the emergency workers combating the fire. The Quayside hotel has also provided sponsorship to several local football and rugby teams - as well as to the annual Once Upon a Smile charity football match - and offers sponsorship and use of its facilities to local community groups.

International Business Award

Bradbury Group

For 25 years, Bradbury Group has provided security products and support services to clients across the globe. Working with clients in a range of sectors including airports, stadiums, data centres and architectural builds, Bradbury Group strives to provide impeccable service and meticulous work every step of the way. To achieve this, the business is dedicated to upskilling not just employees - but also industry partners and customers, to help them better understand the products. In 2022 Bradbury Group launched Bradbury Academy to achieve this - providing apprenticeship and internship opportunities, alongside training packages, tutorials and webinars.


Micronclean is a business dedicated to helping create clean and safe environments - through the provision of cleanroom workwear, supplies, laundry and cleaning. In 2021, the business opened a new cleanroom laundry in Bangalore - determined to provide the Indian pharmaceutical market with top-of-the-line cleanroom services. This was particularly important during the pandemic, and Micronclean won contracts to provide its services to two manufacturers of the covid vaccine. Micronclean has continued to work with pharmaceutical businesses since, providing a vital service and supporting an important market.

Employee of the Year

Sophie Bennington, BE Design

Sophie Joined BE Design in 2022 - and in a short space of time has proven herself to be a valuable member of the team. As an Environmental Social and Governance consultant, Sophie supports clients to ensure that they are acting in a socially, corporately and environmentally responsible way - making her a key point of contact between BE Design and the organisations it works with. Sophie has achieved great success in this role, establishing a corporate service line to ensure that support is more easily available. Internally, Sophie has also revamped BE Design’s induction service, and formulated carbon reduction targets for the business.

Katerina Pickup, Tradeglaze (Lincoln) Ltd

Katerina joined the PVCu and Aluminium glazing manufacturer Tradeglaze in 2020 - coming on board as marketing manager. Joining just before the pandemic, Katerina was able to quickly adapt to a challenging period - developing new marketing strategies that helped Tradeglaze grow and increase its market share during a difficult time for businesses. Katerina is also dedicated to sharing her knowledge and expertise - volunteering as a board member at the midlands region of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, helping young professionals and other businesses build a successful career.

Kev Wallis, Starglaze Windows and Conservatories

For years, Kev Wallis has been an integral part of Starglaze - touching every part of the business in his time there. Since the day he started, Kev has dedicated himself to his work, never wavering in his dedication to quality. Kev has also been a hugely positive presence on the Starglaze team, working to ensure that everyone - be it employee or customer - is treated with respect and given all the help they need. Kev’s commitment, passion and positivity have made him a vital presence at Starglaze, and an inspiration to the rest of the team.

Young Achiever of the Year

Bradley Johnson

Over the years Bradley Johnson has demonstrated a constant passion and ambition in all of his work. Working in strategic communications and higher education, Bradley has always strived to be the best he can at his work - self-funding three memberships with the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Chartered Management Institute, and completing a master’s degree while working full time. Bradley has also served as a governor of the Multi-Academy Trust, a youth mentor with The Youth Group, a member of the Skegness Business Chamber - and a volunteer with the RNLI.

Josh Illsley, Running Imp Ltd

Joining Running Imp Ltd, in 2016, Josh had reached the position of operations manager by 2019 - overseeing Running Imp’s team of 60 people. This came not long before the start of the pandemic, during which Josh was responsible for helping Running Imp stay afloat. During an exceedingly challenging period, Josh oversaw the restructuring of the business - figuring out where the business could cut costs, and devising a new ‘virtual runs’ strategy that would bring in income while in-person events were postponed. Josh’s efforts helped Running Imp weather the storm, and left it in a strong position for recovery when the pandemic ended.

Elliott Sheppard, BE Design

Elliott joined BE Design in 2021 as a junior engineering technician - and quickly demonstrated the enthusiasm and proactive approach that has helped him achieve great things in a short time. Working with a variety of teams across the business, Elliott has pushed himself to take on new skills and challenges - and demonstrated the ability to adapt to whatever is thrown at him. Elliott’s dedication has led him to pursue an apprenticeship degree supported by the Civil Institute of Engineers, as well as a course of work experience development - showcasing his tireless work ethic and drive to always be the best he can be.

Education, Training and Skills Award

Bradbury Group

A provider of security products and support services, Bradbury Group is a business dedicated to helping employees reach their full potential. The business provides a variety of training and upskilling opportunities - having upskilled 73% of its workforce since January of 2022. In 2022, Bradbury Group took on seven new apprentices, and provided apprentice training to six internal employees - providing learners with a dedicated IT hub and supported learning platform. In 2022 the business also launched Bradbury Academy, dedicated to providing employees with a range of courses and training opportunities - delivering more than 350 training sessions to date.

Camper UK

Camper UK is one of Europe’s leading motorhome dealerships - and has worked to provide training and development programmes to employees over the years, to continue setting industry standards of excellence. Over the years, Camper UK has worked with colleges, universities and other manufacturers to achieve this - and recently worked with Lincoln College to develop the ‘Grow Your Own’ programme - with Camper UK providing a training school and accreditation for those looking to develop skills vital to the motorhome industry. In this way, Camper UK is helping to maintain a high level of skill amongst technicians and support the motorhome industry.

Starglaze windows and conservatories

Founded in 1974, Starglaze is a family-owned business dedicated to helping staff develop and grow. During the pandemic, Starglaze created a set of bespoke training and development initiatives, empowering the Starglaze team to set out a career path for themselves, and helping cultivate strong leadership skills amongst Starglaze’s team leaders. Consistent reviews help employees direct their progress and recognise their accomplishments - giving them a fuller control over their career trajectory. Starglaze also provides training in a range of other important skills such as first aid, and health and wellbeing.

Innovation Award

CorrBoard UK

Providing corrugated cardboard to the packaging industry, CorrBoard UK is a business that is always looking to innovate and improve its work. In particular, CorrBoard has recently pursued innovation in sustainability - a major part of this being a new anaerobic digester plant. This plant takes organic matter and burns it to produce energy that powers CorrBoard manufacturing - making it more environmentally friendly, and preventing the matter from ending up in landfill in the process. CorrBoard has also invested in a corrugator that uses 40% less energy than the average, making every stage of its production process more sustainable.

Eye Guide MC Ltd

Eye Guide MC Ltd was started by Sandra McDonough and her husband Chris after Sandra was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Working together with a team, Sandra and Chris developed and manufactured the Eye Guide MC - a tool designed to improve the quality of life for people with Parkinsons. The wearable, wireless, battery-free device is designed to send stimuli to the brain, helping it find new pathways for speech and movement - and making both easier for people with the condition. In doing so, Eye Guide aims to help alleviate the symptoms and challenges of Parkinsons.

Starglaze Windows and Conservatories

Since 1974, Starglaze has worked to provide customers with high quality products and excellent service - and innovation has always been a key part of this. Recently, recognising the ever-increasing proportion of online buying, Starglaze developed a virtual showroom to meet this demand. The showroom uses CGI imagery to showcase products - and also provides detailed information on specs, colours available, hardware options and more in an easy to access format. Alongside online services that help customers request quotes and submit orders, Starglaze’s virtual showroom has helped the business stay on the forefront of modern-day shopping

SME Business of the Year

BE Design

Founded in 2013, BE Design is an architecture, engineering and design company with the wellbeing of clients, community and employees at its heart. The business strives to create a supportive work environment, providing a range of wellbeing initiatives - while also working to create a diverse and equitable workforce, and champion diversity in the industry. BE Design is also dedicated to creating sustainable built environments - that are adaptable, able to serve communities, and will last for years to come. All of this is supported by BE Design’s work to innovate and improve its processes - helping it support clients and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Tradeglaze (Lincoln) Ltd

Working with residential, trade and commercial customers, Tradeglaze endeavours to provide outstanding products and outstanding service to every client. To accomplish this, Tradeglaze has made significant investments over the last year. The business has invested in new equipment - including a welding machine and glass cutting table - to make it more efficient - alongside a new website and virtual consultations, to make shopping easier for customers. Tradeglaze also picks its suppliers carefully, to ensure high quality materials and sustainable practices. This dedication to quality in every part of the production process has helped Tradeglaze achieve significant success in the last year.

Visual Print and Design

With offices in Lincoln and Glasgow, Visual Print and Design is an independent printing, print management and design company that works with clients across the UK. With a highly experienced team, Visual Print and Design works with clients at every step of the process to ensure they get the perfect final product. In the past year, Visual Print and Design has been able to expand its operations - increasing sales and growing its customer base from 16 local authorities to 30. Despite this, the business has retained a commitment to sustainability - planting trees across the UK in an effort to offset its carbon footprint.

Business Person of the Year

Dean Hyde, Camper UK

Since 2004, Dean Hyde - owner and Managing Director of Camper UK - has helped the company flourish and thrive, and helped mould it into the 40-strong team of dedicated professionals that it is today. One of Dean’s priorities has always been to deliver impeccable customer service - particularly by providing customers with entry to the business’ Phoenix Club after purchasing a motorhome. Buyers receive three years of service, discounts and activity weekends - forging a real relationship between Camper UK and its customers. Dean is also deeply committed to staff - constantly seeking their opinion on how to improve the workplace and support wellbeing.

Dan Ingall, Daniel Charles Construction

Dan Ingall is the managing director of Daniel Charles Construction - and in this role has proved to be a constant source of inspiration and support for employees. Dan operates an open door policy to all members of the team, and consistently works alongside them - and as such has a meaningful understanding of what drives employees, and how they can be made to feel valued and included. This ethos extends to clients - as Dan cultivates meaningful relationships that drive repeat business, and make Daniel Charles Construction a trusted and respected member of the business community.